Can I enter my own questionnaire / competency framework?
Yes. You can either login to the admin dashboard and enter this yourself effortlessly or ask us to to do it for you.
Are we able to customise system emails sent from your system inviting users into the feedback process?
All texts on the system from emails, to dashboard text, respondent groups and more are all customisable.
We are an HR consultancy who want to offer 360 feedback as our own solution is this possible?
Yes we have many HR consultancies around the world how have their own branded site and domain, and they can manage multiple clients from their main dashboard.
Our business is outside of the EU, do you still charge VAT?
No. Businesses outside of the EU will not be charged VAT. If you are a business in the EU and are vat registered you are also excempt on provision of your business VAT number.
Is there a monthly charge or contract?
There are no monthly charges or contracts. You are either invoiced monthly for the reports downloaded in that month, or you pay in advance for a number of reports in which you then receive a monthly statement to displaying your balance of reports available for download.
Do you have the ability to batch upload user data?
Yes we have the ablity to upload user data via CSV format (produced from any spreadsheet application).
We have an existing provider of 360 feedback but would like to move to 3sixtylite, can I import my old data?
If your current provider allows you to extract raw data of your users, then yes we can import this. However it would not be feasible to import historical report data. Questionnaires and user data will not be a problem.
We only want to use your software to do a 1:1 appraisal, is this possible?
Yes we call it a 90 degree appraisal. This system supports 90, 180 and 360 degree feedback
Do we pay for all users of the system?
You are only charged for each unique report downloaded. So if there are 10 respondents giving feedback against one participant, it is the single report for that participant that you are charged for.
We do not have a behavioural questionnaire ready, do you supply this?
We have a library of complimentary generic 360 behavioural questionnaires that you can use or edit.
Do you charge for your customisations?
There is a one-off singe charge for your branding to the site, which enable you to have your logo, and colour scheme applied to the full